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Landscape Design San Diego | Del Mar Landscapes


Del Mar Landscapes specializes in plants and often will meet the client at Mira Mar Whole Nersury to hand sellect plant wanted and wished for by the customer. We are there to explain what needs shade and or sun. We LOVE plants!

Silver Carpet (Ground Cover)

Silver carpet is perfect for filling in the spaces between flagstone pavers. This slowly spreading evergreen forms a dense, silvery-green mat that requires little water and chokes out virtually all weeds. The plant thrives in coastal desert conditions that may feature poor, rocky soil and salt spray, making it perfect for San Diego.

Lantana (Ground Cover, Vine, Or Shrub)

Lantana is an easy-to-grow plant in the verbena family with clusters of bright, beautiful blossoms. It has versatile uses in your Landscapes: trim it for ground cover, train it to climb as a vine plant, or allow it to grow naturally as a wide-spreading shrub.

Pride Of Madeira (Shrub)

Deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, this fast-growing shrub reaches heights of four to six feet. Purple flower spikes and sage green foliage add gorgeous color and visual interest to your San Diego Landscapes. Be sure to plant pride of Madeira where it has plenty of room to grow.

Blue Fescue (Ornamental Grass)

Looking to add a little height around a garden path? Blue fescue could be the perfect solution. This mounding ornamental grass is low-maintenance and tolerant of various sites and growing conditions. Its beautiful blue-green color adds a stunning accent to your Landscapes.

Agave (Succulent)

All types of agave thrive in San Diego’s Mediterranean climate. This succulent boasts gorgeous shades of blue, silver, and turquoise and can grow to be quite large. It’s well-suited for desert survival, yetremains hardy down to 5 degrees Farenheit for those rare cold spells.

Aloe (Succulent)

Most species of aloe feature thick, waxy leaves with spiky tips. This plant is a staple in any San Diego Landscapes and also survives well in indoor planters. If you get a sunburn, head to your garden, pick off a few aloe leaves, and squeeze the sap out to soothe and moisturize your skin.