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    Concrete and driveways

    Concrete Network specifics for driveways:
    • A concrete mix of 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) .50 water to cement ratio for driveway construction. According to them, this provides better wearability "denser" concrete than the typical 2500-psi mix.
    • The sub grade should be compacted and have an even thickness. A standard driveway is 4" thick you want 4" thick continuously, not a 3" to 4" varying thickness. In the west it's even more important to pay attention to this since soils expand,
    • Reinforcement with either wire mesh, or steel bars (1/2 inch rebar) placed in a grid pattern. In either case blocks should be used to keep the reinforcement in the center of the concrete,
    • Joints should be at least 25% of the thickness of the concrete- so a 1" deep joint should be used in a 4" thick concrete driveway. Joints should also be spaced 2-3 times in feet the thickness of the concrete: so a 4" thick driveway should have joints no farther than 8- 12 feet, and
    • A simple broom finish for sufficient traction.